Our Projects

GSM Solutionz has completed a number of projects in Telecom and IT Industry. Some of them were challaging. GSM Solutions has successfully completed all the project with success rate of 100%.

Organizational Structure:

Our structure is 100% customer- focused. In order to achieve higher levels of efficiency we have removed conventional layers of management & designed a non-hierarchical/matrix organization structure. Each department is managed by a dedicated manager which lays emphasis on empowered teams. Our project teams operate as a customer controlled unit, giving top priority to customer needs. Communication channels are completely transparent to the customer. Project team is an empowered entity, designed to give quick response to the customer.


News and Events
28 OCT

INFOSEC as New Partner with GSM Solutionz

02 MAY

Joining hands with Top Blue-Chip Companies to provide enhaced services

30 APR

Channel Partner for HMS Industrial Networks, Sweden.

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