Our Projects

GSM Solutionz has completed a number of projects in Telecom and IT Industry. Some of them were challaging. GSM Solutions has successfully completed all the project with success rate of 100%.

Human Capital:

GSM SolutionZ is proud of its human capital that has been toiling consistently for better performance & has risen to the challenges faced by the organization time to time in a successful manner.

Our human capital is our key strength. We have always strived to create a favorable environment that encourages innovation within the organization. We possess cross-disciplinary skills within GSM SolutionZ team being a technologically based service organization. GSM SolutionZ takes pride in providing the most flexible, professional & highly skilled personnel in the industry. A highly mobile staff allows the optimum usage of a wide spectrum of specialized communication skills. Our work force skill set is neutral with regard to manufacturer equipment & adaptable to new technologies.
With minimal basic training & a detailed method of procedure, we supply the required skills for installation of new technology quickly & efficiently.

Human Resource Development:  
We follow a human resource development program tracking, monitoring, & improvement of the skill levels of every employee.
14Planning & arrangement of training programs.
13Maintaining track record of all employees.
12Ensuring the safety & health concerns of all employees.  

Training & Certifications Programs Attended By Our Skilled Team:
11QA & QC  
9Certified Certification 
8Indoor & Outdoor Trainings.
7Supervision & Management Trainings. 
6Troubleshooting Seminars.
5HSE Trainings.
4Fire Fighting
3Disaster Management & Recovery
2Product Trainings.
1Safety Driving Training.

Quality in People:

Our defined goal is to become a market leader in quality. In order to have a full understanding of quality, every employee identifies with their duties & a sense of responsibility for their work. Every employee at GSM SolutionZ is responsible for the quality of his work. GSM SolutionZ training & team programs the challenges & needs of today’s market can only be mastered through & with skilled & highly motivated personnel.  

Team Organization:

We strive to keep our high level standards by having installed a team organization.
We have “Product Teams” & “Project Teams” which coordinate every aspect of a product line & project. Each of these teams consists of professionals who are competent in their field. GSM SolutionZZ periodically arranges employees training programs which include theory classes, onsite training & with other reputed companies. Frequent & regular trainings i.e. product, computer & technical trainings let us utilize modern technologies & serve faster & better. GSM SolutionZZ also provides opportunities to the students of reputed institutions & universities to gain practical knowledge in the field through providing literatures, theory classes & on-site training by our professional staff. 

Quality Procedure:

After completion of the job, the supervisor test out the quality of work according to the given standards Then quality control supervises the work standard according to the client standards & the quality manager invites the customer for inspection & final delivery We encourage our employees using various financial & non financial motivation schemes, by giving cash incentive, appreciation letters on their excellent & professional work.  

Willingness / limitations for turnkey services (competence development needs):
With vast & rich experience the company has attained in operating in all types of terrain ranging from far flung areas in the deserts to mountainous regions, from modern city regions with high rise buildings to ancient towns with outdated buildings. GSM SolutionZZ always came out with the best solutions.

Our superior management, sound administration & a team of carefully selected associates for carrying out surveys & tasks not only fulfill the technical requirements of the customers but also deliver best of the best. 
The company is a leading organization with the ability to plan, design, deploy, develop, integrate, maintain, manage, monitor, support, & optimize systems, products & solutions across the country. With rich experience in industry business infrastructure, the company provides support to the highest standards of performance & reliability expected by cellular operators, service providers, technology manufacturers & system integrators.

“GSM SolutionZ brings the key resources required to support today’s most demanding customers”.

Claimed Work Capacity:

At GSM SolutionZ we are geared to fulfill our customer’s needs round the clock. We have a steadfast workforce to understand & complete their errands swiftly & carefully. Our workforce is fully aware of the local areas & has inclination to move around without any predicament. The company has also a comprehensive policy to meet customer requirement via an effective workload sharing plan. Our main objective at all times is to keep our customers free from any problem.

Time & commitment are our values

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INFOSEC as New Partner with GSM Solutionz

02 MAY

Joining hands with Top Blue-Chip Companies to provide enhaced services

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Channel Partner for HMS Industrial Networks, Sweden.

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